2024 Calendar of Events (*subject to change)

Note: Board and General Membership Meetings are on Sundays.

February 3 (Saturday) – Chinatown Parade, meet at State Capitol at 3:30pm. RSVP to Lisa Kam.

February 25 (Sunday) – 12:00 noon. BOARD MEETING, Honolulu Seafood Restaurant (old Mandalay or Yong Sing       Restaurant on Alakea Street). RSVP by February 17.

March 3 (Sunday) – 12:00 noon. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, Legend Seafood Restaurant. RSVP by February 26.

April 1 – Scholarship applications available. Contact Jocelyne Chun. Deadline: June 15.

May 11 (Saturday) – 6:00-8:30pm. SPRING BANQUET, Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant (Ala Moana). See flyer for    additional information.

July ?? (Saturday) – Land Dragon Boat Race. More details to follow.

July 14 (Sunday) – 12:00 noon. Tentative BOARD MEETING (Scholarship), Legend Seafood Restaurant.

August 11 (Sunday) – 10:00am-2:00pm. UCS PICNIC, Kapiolani Park, Area 3. Kams’ Society will join. More details to follow.

September 7 (Saturday) – 10:00am – 12:00pm. PALOLO CHINESE HOME VISITATION. We are asking for donations of

stuffed animals for our Bingo prizes. Please bring it that day.

October 13 (Sunday) – 12:00 noon. BOARD MEETING, Legend Seafood Restaurant. RSVP by October 6.

November 10 (Sunday) – 12:00noon. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, Legend Seafood Restaurant. RSVP by Nov 1.

December 1 (Sunday) – KAMS’ SOCIETY CHRISTMAS PARTY. Details to follow.

Please RSVP to Paulette (Poppy) Ing for Board and General Membership Meetings


Chinese New Year Parade 2024

Year of the Dragon

It has become a yearly tradition to participate in the Chinese New Year downtown parade.  The excitement began on Friday as 13 members gathered  to decorate the float.  Georgette and Joaquin Silva donated the truck.  The poles and chairs were welded onto the truck, it was repainted, cleaned and polished. The members created beautiful floral arrangements in two hours and were treated to dinner at Hong Nien that night.

Members young and old met at the Capitol on Saturday to start the parade.  It was perfect afternoon for a parade with clear blue skies and a little breeze  as 30 of us rode or walked in the lineup.  It was fun to  wave at the huge crowds and wish them a Gung Hee Fat Choy! We were so proud to walk alongside our beautiful float.  Later we met at the See Dai Doo Hall for dinner.  Hope to see more of you next year and join the fun.

Is that Crossing Rain??

Autumn Banquet at Jade Dynasty Restaurant

Sept 10, 2022

2023 President Colleen Lee

1st VP Wendy Mow

Colleen Lee

Past Presidents

2023 Officers and Directors

Dragon Boat Race

July 30, 2022

Felipe Manangan, Jeff Kam and Ralph Kam

Finally all done!

Westley Mow, Jeff Kam, Margaret and Felipe Manangan

Creating the Dragon Boat 

Sean McNamara and family

Felipe, leader of the pack!

Sean McNamara with his ohana and Daniel Kam

Felipe Manangan, Sean McNamara, Daniel Kam,      Ralph Kam and Westley Mow